Garry Capps 2008

January 5 (The Making of a Bondservant)

January 8 (The Making of a Bondservant 2)

January 12 (Being Named and Numbered)

January 26 (Deliverance Will Have to Wait)

January 29 (Why Mitzrayim?)

February 2 (Knowing YHVH)

February 16 (Preparation for the Tribulation)

February 23 (The Purpose of the Greater Exodus)

March 1 (The Bride or the Guest?)

March 8 (The Right Choice)

March 15 (What is your Lot in Life?)

March 22 (Why Did God Divorce Israel?)

March 29 (Maturity & Moses)

April 12 (Ephraim's Only Hope)

April 22 (Well, It Really Does Matter)

April 26 (The Ultimate Replacement Theology)

May 3 (Metzora: A Testimony for Us)

May 10 (Why Not Now?)

May 17 (The Predicament of the Priesthood)

May 24 (Jubilee for Former Gentiles)

May 31 (On the Job Training)

June 7 (Accounting)

June 14 (Qualifying to be a True Promise Keeper)

June 21 (Check it out for Yourself)

June 28 (Hidden Things)

July 5 (Enabling the Last Generation)

July 12 (God's Indictment)

July 19 (Accountability)

July 26 (Talk aint cheap afterall)

August 9

August 16 (Is Ekev telling Us, "It's Time"?

August 23 (Treasure Map to Joy)

August 30 (Unafraid)

Sept 6 (YHVH is Not a Dog Person)

Sept 13 (Evidence of Where Your Treasure Is)

Sept 20 (Shema Kol)

Sept 27 (A Change of Thinking)

Oct 4 (Song of Moses)

Oct 7 (Yom Kippur)

Oct 25 (Why I Despise Religion)

Nov 8 (Abraham's Righteousnous)

Nov 15 (When Judgement Comes)

Nov 29 (Esau's Restlessness)

Dec 9 (The Return of Jacob - A Midrash)

Dec 13 (Our Turn to Drink from the Cup)

Dec 16 (Jacob - A True Bondservant)

Dec 20 (An Impressionist's Word Picture)

Dec 23 (Understanding Hanukka)

Dec 30 (Yeshua's Strange Work)