Garry Capps 2009

January 3 (What We Should Know)

January 6 (Being Aware of Our Surroundings)

January 10 (Handfuls of Purpose)
(Bad Audio)

January 13 (Results of Assimilation)
(Audio Clears After Awhile)

January 17 (Putting His Plan in Motion)

January 20 (Putting His Plan in Motion Cont'd)

January 24 (Why the Lord wants Bondservants)

January 27 (The Plauges of Va'era)

February 3 (The Scarelet Thread of Pesach)

February 7 (When Things Really Go South)

February 10 (The Danger of Amalek)

February 14 (What Are We Really Preparing For?)

February 17 (Understanding the Depths of Torah)

February 21 (Comfort My People)

February 24 (Panic or Preparation?)

February 28 (Discerning the Signs of the Times)

March 3 (A Second Chance)

March 7 (What are we Busying Ourselves With?)

March 10 (The Picture of Purim)

March 14 (Hearts for the Wilderness)

March 17 (Faith of Elijah)

March 21 (When Hashem's Purpose Becomes Paramount)

March 24 (Appointments)

March 28 (The Value of Obedience)

March 31 (Seeing How Life Works)

April 4 (What Are You Giving Him to Work With?)

April 7 (The Purpose of the Passover Elements)

April 11 (What We Should Be Learning From Passover)

April 14 (Why Count the Omer?)

April 18 (The Paradox of Eight)

April 21 (Hard Lessons for Hard Times)

April 25 (The Elisha Method)

April 28 (Discerning Clean and Unclean)

May 2 (Standing in Readiness)

May 5 (The Least Becomes the Greatest)

May 9 (Closeness of the Wilderness)

May 12 (The Reckoning of Righteousness)

May 16 (Promises of Sinai)

May 19 (What is it Worth to You?)

May 23 (Last Minute Instructions)

May 26 (Some Thoughts on Organization)

May 30 (Shavuot - A Celebration of Yada)

May 31 (Who Let the Dogs Out)

June 2 (But if You are Afraid)

June 6 (The Desire of His Jealousy)

June 9 (How Soon We Forget)

June 13 (Mindsets, Motives, & Madness)

June 16 (The Purchased Ones)

June 20 (The Ten Tests)

June 23 (Let's Let Him be God)

June 27 (Deja Vu All Over Again)

June 30 (Understanding)

July 4 (The Mysterious Chattat)

July 7 (Time to Take Heed)

July 11 (Mouth of Brass)

July 14 (The LORD's Restart)

July 18 (The Besetting Sin of Man)

July 21 (It's the Destination, Not the Journey)

July 25 (Devarim for the Wise)

July 28 (Life in the Kingdom)

August 1 (When Close is Not Enough)

August 4 (Dying for the Name of Barnabas)

August 8 (The Mystery of Because)

August 11 (The Mystery of Because Cont'd)

August 15 (Hear, Understand and Do)

August 18 (Hear, Understand and Do Cont'd)

August 22 (Betrothal)

August 22 (Thy Kingdom Come)

August 25 (Dead Flies in the Drugstore)

August 29 (Fine Print of the Ketubah)

September 5 (Torah for the Last Generation)

September 12 (Airing Family Problems)

September 19 (Yom Teruah for New Covenant Believers)

September 26 (Ten Days Without a Bath)

October 17 (God's Plan for the End)

October 20 (A World in Need of Rest)

October 27 (Ark Building)

October 31 (Abraham's Going Out)

November 3 (Lot's Torment)

November 7 (Ephraim's Attributes)

November 10 (Ephraim's Attributes Cont)

November 14 (Live of Sarah)(Harold)

November 17 (A Better Resurrection)

November 21 (Second Nature)

November 24 (Second Nature Part 2)

November 28 (Character Building)

December 1 (The Hands of God)

December 5 (The Moment in Time)

December 8 (Ephraim and Hanukkah)

December 12 (When Religion Defies Reason)

December 15 (The Standard of Joseph)

December 22 (The Brethren's Realization)

December 26 (Vayigash - Tim Capps)

December 29 (The Private Meeting)