Garry Capps 2010

January 2 (The Calling of the Last Days)

January 5 (Assimilation)

January 9 (Moses' Understudy)

January 12 (Signs of the Times)

January 16 (Parallels of the Exodus)

January 19 (Parallels of the Exodus Cont'd)

January 23 (What We Need to Know Before We Go)

January 26 (A Reason for the Hope That is Within You (A Midrash)

February 2 (Why People Follow Yeshua)

February 6 (Who's Hearing?)

February 13 (Restoring the Fortunes of Jacob)

February 16 (All Things to All People)

February 20 (Taking Time to Understand)

February 23 (Standing Strong)

February 27 (Eavesdropping 101)

March 6 (The Dangers of Dirty Feet)

March 9 (Living a Lie)

March 13 (Happy Days are Here Again)

March 16 (Cheerfulness in Giving)

March 20 (Inventory of the Tabernacle)

March 23 (When Religion Keeps You from Being Real)

March 27 (Wrong Conclusions)

April 3 (Sacrifice--the Opposite of Selfishness)

April 10 (Guest Speaker: Bill Bishop)

April 24 (The Identifying Marks of the New Man)

May 1 (You Would Think)

May 8 (When Contemplating Holiness)

May 15 (Who Are You Listening To?)

May 18 (The Greatest End-time Prophecy)

May 22 (The Mark of Maturity)

May 25 (Reasons We Don't Trust)

May 28 (The Why of Mt. Sinai)

June 1 (The Blind Leading the Blind)

June 5 (The Reason Theocracy Will Work)

June 12 (Coming to Terms with the Will of God)

June 20 (The Fruit of Counting the Omer)

June 26 (Today)

July 3 (Don't Worry, Be Happy)

July 10 (The Key to Surviving the Great Tribulation)

July 17 (Balak and the End Times)

July 24 (Phineas: Restorer of Praise)

July 31 (Mysteries of Mattot)

August 7 (Why the Journey?)

August 21 (I Beseech You)

August 28 (Because)

September 4 (Can You Handle the Truth?)

September 11 (Living in Glass Houses)

September 18 (The Kindness of God)

September 25 (It's Not Always Gonna Be Like This)

October 2 (Positive Recognition)

October 9 (Ephraim and the Fall Feasts: Yom Teruah)

October 16 (Ephraim and the Fall Feasts: Yom Kippur 1)

October 17 (Ephraim and the Fall Feasts: Yom Kippur 2)

November 6 (Mindset at B'reisheet)

November 13 (Noah: God's Demonstration of His Purpose)

November 20 (Just Walk Away)

November 27 (And Now Walk with Me)

December 4 (Sarah's Little Piece of Heaven)

December 11 (My Burden)